Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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I will be growing my hair back out long and loose. My girlfriend cut my locs of April 26, 2017. I got a few tapered cuts throughout the summer. But up until Fall of ... source
Prince Harry Broke the Rules and Didn't Shave His Beard For the Royal Wedding: ... source
When I first rinsed the deep conditioner out of my hair, it was super soft and it was easy for my fingers to run through it. I shampooed and conditioned regularly ... source
Waterless dog shampoo for paws. For those times your dog gets dirty stinky feet. Smells good like baby powder and lathers good. source
This video was very interesting to make... Background music by Michael W. Smith Enjoy the video! (This was made by Jan. The others were not with me when I ... source
The start of my healhy journey begins with a real good moisturizing and strengthening protein treatment that was well over needed. I mixed four ingredients ... source
Hi, Hélène here. I can't believe I kept 11 months' worth of samples around, along with all my other empties. I'm never hanging on to that much beauty trash again ... source
Fresh Haircuts For Men 2018-Latest Mens Hairstyles For 2018-Best Beard Styles For Men-2018-Hairstyles With Beard For Stylish Men-2018-2019-Most Wanted ... source
This is a tutorial on how to do your makeup for when you are going out on the town with some friends and you just want to do something a little extra. I used the ... source